Technology Scales. People Don't.


Can You Codify Your Culture?

Culture can mean many different things. In this talk I share what culture is, what it isn’t, and how to clarify what it means to your business so you can get the best out of your people.

Build a 21st Century Workforce

The nature of work is changing. In this talk I share 4 major trends that are impacting the future of work, and emerging best practices leading companies are using in response


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Work Harder, Not Smarter

How to avoid busy work, why apps like Slack create social debt, and more about my work at NOBL Collective in this profile by Ossa Collective.

Chief Performance Officer

I’m proud to be joining the Social Studies team. Together we’re empowering the next generation of marketers with the intelligence to transform branded communication.


Riding the Wave

The role of Chief Transformation Officers and the three waves of change they surf, plus more in my latest NOBL newsletter.